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2 Years
5.6-8.4 m
70 Cm
Row Width
255 Hp
Tractor Power

Headers PS-8 and PS-12 are used for harvesting sunflowers. The main features of headers PS-8 and PS-12 are high efficiency and careful attitude to sunflower seeds. Headers are equally effective in all cultivation areas both in harvesting of tall-growing and low sorts. Headers can pick up sunflower heads which are only 600 mm in height.


The header consists of separate units, which are operatively connected between each other so that to provide high quality sunflower harvesting without losses.


The main units are: screw, divider, cutter bar, stalk conveyor, transmission shaft, side splitter, and gate. Design characteristics of the headers help them to get into rows.


Cutter bar is divided into two parts - left and right. These parts have a separate drive. Screw has a central support. This increases the productivity of the harvester. Each part of the cutter bar is connected to the drive using a transmission shaft. Chain couplings are mounted on the connecting shafts. It provides a high reliability in operation.


Harvesting with headers PS-8 and PS-12 is highly productive. These headers provide a possibility to harvest sunflower in the shortest time, and the best quality of the crop. The use of high quality components reduces costs and time on maintenance work. Headers PS-8 and PS-12 are used in assembly with combine harvesters, which are produced under the brand "PALESSE".

 Unit measurePS-8PS-8
Coverage width5,68,4
Number of rows units812
Width of inter-rowssm70
Overall dimensions, up to
- Lengthmm6 1009 000
- Widthmm3 3003 300
- Heightmm1 6701 670
Overall dimensions on transfer shuttle, up to
- Lengthmm9 10010 450
- Widthmm2 4002 400
- Heightmm2 3002 300
Weight of headerkg2 0002 900
Speed of combine with aggregated header
- operating speedkm/h10
- transportation speedkm/h20
Number of staff neededperson1 (combine operator)