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2 Years
6.0/7.0/9.2 m
12 Kg/Sec
8.0 Cum
Grain Tank
330 Hp
Engine Power

Combine harvester PALESSE GS12 A high productive grain harvesting combine with 1500 mm width of threshing-separating device, in which applied acceleration of the grain mass flow before threshing. 

Distinctive feature of PALESSE GS12 thresher is big diameter of pre-accelerator and threshing drums (600 and 800 mm) - bigger than in any other similar type of thresher. Harvester demonstrate stable threshing while harvesting of «difficult», clogged, high straw and wet grain crops. Special all-wheel drive version of combine effectively use on soils with low supported capacity.

Easy access to units and devices, compressor in standard option allow to reduce time for maintenance.

Performance of the combine increases by use of additional adapters for harvesting of different crops, by re-equipment of thresher (for harvesting of corn and sunflower), thresher and chassis (for harvesting of rice).

Depending on markets preferences harvester can be equipped with engines of different manufacturers.

Engine model JaMZ-238DE-22, JaMZ-238DE2-27,
DTA530E, DTA570E
Nominal engine powerkW243
Nominal engine powerh.p.330
Threshing drum widthmm1500
Threshing drum diameter
- firstmm600 (pre-accelerator) 
- second mm800 (threshing drum) 
Frequency of threshing drum rotationsrpm440-875
Type of straw shaker  5 keys
Separation area, not less than m26,15
Total sieve area, not less thanm25,0
Total separation area of concave, not less thanm22,39
Separation three stage 
with blow of each stage
Grain tank
Grain tank type transformable,
with automatic signaling of filling and forced unloading 
Grain tank volume, not less thanm38,0
Loading height of unloading auger, not less thanmm4000
Length of boom of unloading auger, not less thanmm3300
Control of unloading auger  electro hydraulic control from operators seat 
Angle of unloading auger turning, not less thandegree101
Throughput on grain mass, not less thankg/s12
Capturing width of header m6,0; 7,0; 9,2
Capturing width of pick-upm3,4
Fuel tank volume l600
Overall dimensions and weight 
Dimensions of standard set (self-propelled thresher, grain header with 7 meters capturing width) in operating position, up to:
- lengthmm11200
- widthmm7600
- heightmm4650
Weight of standard set (without transport truck)kg16600
Devise for rapeseed harvesting. Capturing widthm6,0; 7,0
Kits with header for corn harvesting. Number of harvested rowspcs6; 8
Header for sunflower harvesting. Number of harvested rowspcs8; 12
Header for soy bean harvesting. Capturing  widthm6,0; 7,0
Frequency of separator fan rotationrpm318-960
Road clearance, not less thanmm330
Reducer of drum speed