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2 Years
4.0/5.0/6.0 m
5 Kg/Sec
3.2 Cum
Grain Tank
155 Hp
Engine Power

Combine harvesters for grains PALESSE GS575 - are useful for «economy class» , small and medium-sized enterprises, which need compact and maneuverable technique.

Classical thresher of 1200 mm width with big drum is reliable and unpretentious. Stable separation and high quality of grain are provided by use of four keys straw shaker and three stage separation.

Single cabin of simple design with analog devices, which display data of automatic control system, provides quite fit working conditions. These are seat of enhanced comfort, air conditioner, good overview of header working area.

Besides headers with 4 meters and 5 meters coverage width, provided modification of harvester, which can be equipped with 6 meters header for soya and cereal crops. Possibility of mounting of engines with different power allows to take into account wishes of farms with differences in acreage size and grain yield.

Engine modelDiesel MMZ D-260.1
Nominal engine power kW114
Nominal engine powerh.p.155
Threshing drum typdrum-type
Threshing drum widthmm1200
Threshing drum diametermm800
Shaft speed of threshing drumrpm510...875
Number of beater plates10
Concave typcancellated, adjustable
Concave aream21,1
Rear beater
Rotation frequencyrpm795
Straw walker
Separation area, not less than m24,92
Length of straw walker keymm4100
Total sieve area, not less than m23,86
Maximum opening of deflectorsmm20
Shaft speed of fan ventilatorrpm318...990
Grain tank
Grain tank volume, not less thanm3 3,2
Rotation frequency of unloading augerrpm654
Height of unloading auger, not less thanmm2800
Wheel basemm3366+50
Road clearancemm 300
Minimum inside turning radiusm7,5
Fuel tank volumel300
Operating speedkm/h8
Road speedkm/h20
Overall dimensions and weight
Dimensions of standard set in operating position, up to: 
- lengthmm9900
- widthmm4400
- height mm4000
Length /Width/Height in transport positionmm16600 / 3800 / 4000
Weight of the thresherkg10000