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2 Years
3.4 m
Grain Picking
Useful for
330 Hp
Tractor Power

Grain pickup PZ-3.4 and it`s modifications is used for picking up swaths of spiked cereals, grain legumes, rice and cereal crops into the thrashing machine in the process of separate harvesting.

The pick-up automatically follows field contour lengthways and edgeways, provides high quality of technical process and improves combine work efficiency on picking up swaths.

Adaptable conveyor with spring type teeth makes possible picking up of mowed masses without any losses. The pickups can be aggregated with self-propelled grain harvesting combines GS-7, GS-10K, GS-12, Don-1500, Lida-1300.

Can be aggregated withGSR-10, GS-7, GS-812, GS-10К, GS-12, Don-1500, Lida-1300
TypeFrontal, with pivotally mounted balanced conveyor, which automatically follows field contour lengthways and edgeways
Conveyerband, with 2 carrying wheels
Speed adjustment range of conveyerm/s1,2-2,6
Coverage widthm3,4
Operation pressure of hydraulic systemMPa12,5-18
Overall dimensions, up to:
- Lengthmm2600-2800
- Widthmm4300
- Heightmm1200-1350
Operating speed, not more thankm/h8-10
Weight, up tokg1050-1250