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Become a Dealer of Gomselmash

Distributor wanted urgently

Gomselmash gives priority to the development and expansion of the dealer network – we offer our partners a winning combination of advantages:

86 years of experience

We are ready to share the experience we gained producing and selling agricultural machinery for 86 years, - dealers of Gomselmash take obligatory training on operation, servicing procedures and maintenance support of machinery.


Quality “Gomselmash”

In such complicated machine as a combine harvester we have to provide co-operation of all systems and mechanisms. That`s why we have decided once and for all: we manufacture basic units and machine components all by ourselves - this approach gives us an opportunity to guarantee the high quality level.


Wide model range

“PALESSE” machinery means 16 types of agricultural machines, 75 basic models and modifications, 70 types of harvesting implements. Each farming business, from a little private farm to a large agricultural holding may choose the most appropriate and effective model for particular working conditions.


Operating across 4 continents

Gomselmash harvesters are running in 28 countries and they do their best to guarantee high yield in each region.


Dealer support and development

We are ready to help by in word and deed: Gomselmash provides dealerships with consultative and practical assistance in arranging pre-sales and after-sales service of machinery, we also guarantee them an advertising support.


Reasonable prices

We give our dealers profitable prices for the entire product range of machinery. Providing that dealer ensure high level of sales, he can get a share of profits on the results of a year.