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Combine Harvester And Forage Harvester In India


Combine Harvester is a machine which was designed for three process in one machine i.e. reaping, threshing and winnowing. The modern combine harvester, is a unique machine designed to efficiently harvest various type of crops. Combine harvester have reduced the cost and time of harvesting in India drastically.

Today, major manufacturers of combine harvesters have designed combine not only for harvesting of wheat, rice, sorghum, but for forage, cotton, potato, soybean, sun-flower, sugarcane, beetroot, sweet potato, turmeric and onions etc. Earlier most of companies from Belarus, Russia, USA, Germany and Europe were only manufacturing the machine and utilising for their own purpose. Company like Gomselmash, Claas, John Deere and New Holland have started their manufacturing units in India and making their machines available for India and exporting their combine harvester and other agricultural machines to Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Now, Forage Harvester is available for forage harvesting which are self-propelled having technology for chopping the maize or similar crops and crushing corn cob. Silage is a best nutrient feed for animal which make them healthy and increase the milk production. Many silage manufacturers are using forage harvester either tractor mounted & pull type and few farmers are using self-propelled forage harvesters for cutting and chopping of maize in India. Now silage is available in India at best price which is being made with the help of high efficient forage harvester and compressed and wrap by high quality of Silage baler and wrapper. Most of Silage balers are imported from the companies of Turkey and Europe i.e. Celikel, Orkel, Mofem etc. Earlier Indian farmers were not aware about forage meaning, forager and silage. Initially farmers of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh have introduced Silage in India. But now harvester machine have change the life of dairy farming by providing them machinery at low price in India. One can easily understand silage meaning, foraging meaning in Hindi, forage meaning in Tamil, forage meaning in Telugu. Forage synonym is hara chara or silage, makki ka achar in India.

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Combine Harvester are developed by many companies in wheel mounting facilities with 2x2 wheel for utilisation in dry areas or 4x4 wheel operations in muddy or wet lands. Most of companies are now providing track type combine harvesters for rice or paddy harvesting. These harvesters are useful for big or small farms. Mini rice combine harvesters are useful for small farmers who hold small size agricultural fields. Gomselmash, Lovol, Zoomlian, Preet, Dasmesh are the main supplier of track combine harvesters and there are many other manufacturers who make tractor mounted mini combine harvesters in India. After harvesting of crop farmers were burning the residue Parali in the fields which was making pollution very high. Government of India has announced good quantum of subsidies on Combine harvesters, tractor implements and, straw baler, zero till seed drills and other farm equipment’s to make the viability for good agriculture farming. Now farmers have many options for buying the machines as many companies are offering new, old and used harvester for sale, tractor mounted mini combine harvester and self-propelled harvester.