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2 Years
4.2-5.6 m
25 MT/hour
70 Cm
Row Width
330 Hp
Tractor Power

The product range of the holding "GOMSELMASH" presents headers for corn harvesting delivered in a set with harvesters, as well as separately. Grain maize is harvested using this equipment. Both design of the headers and corn harvesting technology conform to generally accepted international standards. Among the peculiarities of the equipment produced by holding "GOMSELMASH" should be emphasized the following:

Headers for maize harvesting can work with different equipment (harvesters and other specialized equipment); thanks to availability of the extensive network of official representatives of the plant there is no problem with the service of this equipment;

kits which include the headers, provide high-quality and fast grain maize harvesting. Depending on the modification of the unit, they provide cutting from 6 to 8 rows in one operation. In this case the operating speed can run up to 10 km/h.

Headers as well as other units of the holding "GOMSELMASH" are reliable and simple in use.



CharacteristicsUnit measureКОК-8-2
Headers employed PALESSE-MH853
Model of grain harvester PALESSE GS12
Coverage widthmm5600
Number of harvested rowspcs8
Operating speedkm/h10
Combine productivity with equipment set per 1 hourt25
Overall dimensions of header in operating position:
- lengthmm3200
- widthmm6200
- heightmm1400
Weight of equipment setkg3200
CharacteristicsUnit measureКОК-6-1КОК-6-2КОК-6-3
Headers employed PALESSE-MH653PALESSE-MH653PALESSE-MH657
Model of grain harvester (complex) â€œPALESSEGS10”“PALESSEGS12”“PALESSEGS812”
Operating width of headermm420042004200
Number of harvested rowspcs666
Operating speedkm/h101010
Combine productivity with equipment set per 1 hourt212118
Overall dimensions of header in operating position:
- lengthmm320032003200
- widthmm480048004800
- heightmm140014001400
Weight of equipment setkg280027002800