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2 Years
3.0 m
Maize Header
5.0 m
Grass Header
3.0 m
330 Hp
Engine Power

Forage harvester PALESSE  FS6033C cuts maize (in any ripeness stage), sorghum, sunflower and other rough-stemmed crops, mows grass and pickups swaths of slightly dried seeded and natural grass with simultaneous chopping and loading directly into vehicle or storing of chopped silage in the bunker followed by unloading into vehicle.

Forage harvester PALESSE FS6033C is equipped with caterpillar tracks with reinforced rubber tracks and storage hopper with the unloading conveyor, designed special for forage conservation in areas with high soil moistening. In such circumstances, when the forage fields are impassable for vehicles, harvester provides conservation of milled forage with its storing in the bunker, and the mass unloading from the bunker into the body of vehicles takes place at the edge of the field.

By normal bearing capacity of the soil the unloading can be done directly through silage duct into the body of the moving beside vehicle or tractor trailer. Separate hydraulic drive of each track provides the harvester high movability.

Engine model JaMZ-65853
Engine powerHP330
Fuel tank volume, not less thanl520
Motion speed
Operating speedkm/hup to 10
Travelling speed, km/hkm/hup to 20
Operating height of cutting device
-header for stemmed crops harvestingmm120-300
-header for grass harvestingmm50-120
Chopping device
Chopping device drum type
Diameter of chopping devicemm630
Cutting length:
-20 knivesmm6…14
-10 knivesmm12…28
Frequency of drum rotationrpm1155
Adjustment of cutting length remote-controlled
Knives sharpening automatically
Silage duct
Reversal silage duct with the possibility of unloading into the bunker or moving beside vehicle
Maximal loading height of chopped silage in the vehicle:
-with silage duct in the moving beside vehiclem4
-by unloading from the bunker in stationary vehiclem3,5
Rotation angle of silage duct°210+10
Storage hopper 
Capacity of storage hopperm³12
Unloading from storage hopper in vehicle at a height ofm3,5
Width of unloading augermm2300
Grass header
Type frontal, solid cut
Coverage widthm5
Cutting heightmmfrom 50 to 120
Cutter bar unit segmental type
Drive gear of cutter bar unit Planetary reduction
Type of mass flow constriction auger
Header for stemmed crops
Type frontal, solid cut, drum type
Coverage widthm3
Cutting heightmmfrom 120 to 300
Type of mass flow constriction auger
Coverage widthm3
Self-propelled chopper
Operating weight of self-propelled chopperkg18400
Dimensions of the self-propelled chopper in transportation position:
Typical size of track 700x100x102
Wheel trackmm2300
Road clearance, not less thanmm400