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2 Years
6.0 m
Maize Header
6.0 m
Grass Header
3.0/3.8 m
600/630 Hp
Engine Power

Forage harvester machine PALESSE FS8060 - A powerful machine suits to large agricultural enterprises focused on the high level of animal farming development. Well-designed construction, parts and components produced on advanced equipment, components from best suppliers are the basis for maximum performance of harvester in various operations.

Six-rollers feeding device three stage of powerful pressing of leafy weight for quality and energy-saving chopping.

The space cab of new unified series with excellent panorama has a high level of ergonomics.

Board computer provides control and monitoring of operative parts, engine, transmission, progress of work and service operations, monitoring of combine systems. On the screen of terminal operator also receives all statistical data about the progress of forage harvesting, information about possibility of an emergency.

Standard equipment includes air conditioner with heater, feeding device protecting, automatic controls of service operations and silage duct position, system for conserving agent adding.

Model ÐžÐœ 502 LA
Nominal engine powerkWt(h.p.)465(632)
Header for stemmed crops harvesting m6,0
Header for grass harvestingm6,0
Operating height of cutting device
Header for stemmed crops harvestingmm120-300
Header for grass harvestingmm50-220
Feeding device
Number of rollerspcs6
Metal detector, stone detector serial
Hydraulic drive of adapters feeding device serial
Electro-hydraulic reverse of rollers serial
Drum type chopping device
Width of chopping devicemm780
Diameter of chopping devicemm630
Frequency of drum rotationrev/min1260
Number of knives on the drumpcs40
Variants of knives positionpcs20/40
Cutting length with 20 knivesmm6…24
Cutting length with 40 knivesmm12…48
Knives position  4 rows
Knives sharpening  Automatically 
Electro-hydraulic adjustment of cutting length from cabin  serial
Active type regrinding device serial
Rate of destruction of corn in wax ripeness stage, not less %98
Loading height of chopped mass into vehicle, not less m4,5
Rotation angle of silage duct Â°210-220
Equipment for conserving agent adding  serial
Fuel tank volume l1115
- main l830
- additional l285
Motion speed 
Velocity range km/h0-40
Maximal operating speed km/h14
Number of wheels: controlled/drivingpcs2/4
Basis/clearance mm3100/340
Wheels track: controlled/driving mm2770/2680
Dimensions and weight of self-propelled chopper without adapters 
Width mm3920
Height mm4000
Dimensions of the complex in transportation position 

With header for stemmed crops harvesting

- length mm9350
- width mm3920
- height mm4000
Centralized lubrication system  serial
GPS-navigator option
Automatic steering by stemmed crops rows («Autocontour» system)  option